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Ashish Sedani

Co-Founder & Director - Experiential Deliveries

A hardcore ‘Ops man’, he has donned various hats in his 10 years of experience, from being a sales guy to the Operations maverick. Today he is a robust team leader and motivator, he has the flair for standing on the frontlines and taking the mission forward in every direction- be it planning, negotiation or execution.

Ashish believes that thoughts can be transformed to reality, and he is the man you would want on your team when planning an on-ground campaign or a BTL initiative.

His ice-cool composure, calm demeanour and can-do spirit have earned him the moniker of the ‘Last Man Standing’. His most striking quality is the ability to fulfil his commitments before time, each time. A true-blue adrenalin junkie, he loves the revving up of fast engines and screeching of sports tyres.


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